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Welcome to MillNet.

We are pleased to inform our MillNet users that we are launching e-Gerdau - real-time reliable information at your fingertips. e-Gerdau is our new and improved e-commerce Web site which houses the best functionalities of MillNet and EZ-Link.

Starting May 1st, all MillNet users can access this new Web site at and look-up sales orders, shipments, inventory, rolling schedules and financial reports among other functionalities. Historical information will continue to be available at MillNet.

With your own private access to your account, you can select from the following features:

  • Shipments - allows tracing of shipments, notes, date, and time of departure and estimated time of delivery.
  • Open orders - complete status of all open orders immediately after being entered into our TONS system.
  • Available For Sale - complete product list, updated every 45 minutes, including sites in Midlothian, Texas and Petersburg, Virginia. This gives you the convenience of alternate inventory locations.
  • Product Dates - a look at upcoming roll dates and percent of bookings to assist you with efficient planning and pricing opportunities.
  • Invoices - access all open invoices plus details of each invoice immediately after vehicle is manifested.
  • Credits and Debits - allows you to check lists of all open credits and debits for your account and allows you to submit your credits and debits on-line.
  • Manifests - check current open manifest information, which is available at the moment the vehicle is manifested.
  • Account History - view all past orders, shipments, sizes, dates and more.
  • Material Test Reports - inquire or print a material test report for any or all of your shipments.

With MillNet, you have all the information you need to make the right buying decision!

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